Securities Class Actions


Federal securities laws were designed to promote openness within the securities markets, which depend on full disclosure of all material facts regarding public companies. However, when full and fair disclosure of all material facts is not made, the company and its officers and directors may be in violation of the federal securities laws.

Unfortunately, it is now common practice for companies and their executives to manipulate the market price of the company's securities by misleading the public about the company's financial condition or prospects for the future. This misleading information has the effect of artificially inflating the price of the company's securities above their true value. When the underlying truth is eventually revealed, the prices of these securities plummet, harming those innocent investors who relied upon the misrepresentations. In such instances, a securities fraud class action may be initiated by one or more investors who suffered damages as a result of purchasing the company's securities at artificially inflated prices.

Shuman, Glenn & Stecker's principals have successfully prosecuted numerous securities fraud class actions, recovering significant damages on behalf of our clients and helping enforce a standard of honesty, integrity and fairness in the business world today.