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Firm Background

Shuman, Glenn & Stecker is a nationally recognized law firm with offices located in San Francisco, Denver and Philadelphia.  Our firm specializes in representing shareholders who have suffered financial losses from corporate securities fraud or other corporate malfeasance.

Since 1994, Kip B. Shuman, Managing Partner of Shuman, Glenn & Stecker, has worked to recover hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of defrauded investors. The Firm has acted as class counsel for institutional investors, including public pension funds, labor unions, as well as thousands of individual investors in securities class actions and derivative litigation. Collectively, the principals of Shuman, Glenn & Stecker have more than fifty years experience in this field.

Shuman, Glenn & Stecker attorneys have served as counsel in over forty derivative lawsuits emanating from the well-publicized stock option backdating scandal that came to light in 2006.  In these cases, corporate executives of publicly-traded companies manipulated company stock options in a manner that allowed the executives to enrich themselves to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars at the expense of the companies and shareholders.  The Firm has played a central role in causing many corporate executives who received manipulated stock options to return their ill-gotten profits to the companies they served.

In many instances, Shuman, Glenn & Stecker has caused the manipulated stock options to be either rescinded or re-priced to ensure that executives cannot profit from their wrong doing.  In addition, the Firm has caused the boards of directors of these companies to adopt robust corporate governance changes that are specifically designed to create a system of checks and balances which ensure that stock option manipulation will not occur in the future.  These cases provide one recent example of the Firm's commitment to protecting the rights of shareholders.